Can You Wear Amazon Halo On Ankle? (Explained!)

When it comes to the Amazon Halos, we don’t always understand the science behind the device’s data collecting. Would you get the same results wearing it on your ankle or forearm? Well, where you wear the fitness tracker actually makes a difference. The product is designed to be on an exact spot of your body to work effectively.

The Amazon Halo is designed only to be worn a finger’s width above the wrist on the arm. Some people wear it on the ankle, but the health tracking isn’t as accurate. For the best results, the Amazon Halo must be tightly worn on the non-dominant wrist without moving up on the arm.

Keep reading to understand how to properly wear this fitness tracker and gather optimal measurements.

Can You Wear Amazon Halo On Ankle

Can You Wear the Amazon Halo On Your Arm?

The Amazon Halo is technically meant to be worn on your arm right above your wrist. Roughly a fingers-width above your wrist is where it should be placed. The strap should wrap around your arm snugly, without moving up and down while you go about your day or workouts.

While you’re exercising, you might want to push it slightly up your arm to make sure it’s tight enough to track your body while working out. You shouldn’t do so. It’s also important to wear the fitness tracker on your non-dominant wrist.

This is because it detects your steps and activity based on movement information. Having it on your non-dominant wrist will give you the most conclusive data because you aren’t performing as many movements.

It still works on either wrist, but wearing it on your non-dominant wrist will ensure you acquire the most accurate results and findings regarding your health. Another option is to change your settings on the app and let the fitness tracker know which arm your fitness tracker is on, allowing it to adjust the results.

That being said, you should avoid wearing your Amazon Halo on your ankle or anywhere else other than that certain area of your arm.

What Happens if You Wear it on Your Ankle?

Despite the recommended way to wear this fitness tracker, some people keep it on their ankles 24/7. The issue that arises from this, is the tracker doesn’t pick up on all of your movements.

In fact, it often only tracks about 3/4 of your actual steps. For example, if you took 100 steps, it would only record that you took 75. If you choose to put the Amazon Halo around your ankle, keep in mind that the data from the device that you see at the end of the day won’t be accurate.

Does Amazon Halo Take Blood Pressure?

Does Amazon Halo Take Blood Pressure?

Unfortunately, measuring blood pressure is not something that Amazon Halo can do. The product doesn’t estimate this data, but it can take your pulse and estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood. It calculates the oxygen in your blood by observing how your blood reflects red and infrared light. Although, keep in mind that the blood oxygen information is not intended for medical uses. Its purpose is to help you determine your general wellness.

Instead, the Amazon Halo measures insights like your step count, heart rate, body fat percentage, movement, fitness activity, tone of voice, sleeping habits, and overall quality of sleep.

How Does the Amazon Halo Know I’m Sleeping?

The Amazon Halo not only can indicate whether you’re awake or not, but it can also track different aspects of your sleeping habits and health. For example, it can record your total time asleep, total time in bed (both awake or asleep), frequency and duration of sleep disturbances, total time in deep sleep, and total time in REM sleep. The purpose of this data is to improve your sleep through informed decisions and not have to feel tired throughout the day.

These recorded aspects of your slumber contribute to forming a sleep score, which shows you the quality of the sleep that you get each night.

How Does the Amazon Halo Detect that You’re Asleep?

It might not make sense how a small wristband can determine all this information about your sleep, but the Amazon Halo has figured it out. The product uses contactless sensors, movements, and breathing patterns to figure out your sleep quality and states.

Although the company hasn’t said much about how it picks up this information, they have stated that it’s valid.

How has Amazon Halo Tested the Accuracy?

For the Amazon Halo to remain a popular device, it needs to be accurate in all its health products and services. The Halo Sleep Score was created and supported by conducting sleep studies that took place in both laboratories and homes. Data was collected by using the Amazon Halo and a full polysomnography (PSG) recording that gathers a variety of body signals measured during sleep. The PSG recordings were then scored by three technicians and a sleep doctor to develop an overall accurate sleep quality score and sleep report.

When comparing the scored report and Halo data, the Halo data was supported by all the recordings and was shown to be accurate. Amazon Halo researchers are continuously doing sleep studies to improve and assess the truthfulness of the device’s data.

Some people express that it isn’t the most accurate, but Halo has stated that their studies are validated and align with the truth.

When Should I Take My Amazon Halo Off?

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You can wear your fitness tracker as often as you’d like, but keep in mind the results will vary. Wearing it as often as possible will ensure the best data to inform you about your overall health and fitness level.

Some people prefer to only wear it while they work out, but the information it presents might not apply to you as effectively. Since it can even track your sleeping patterns, customers are urged to keep their fitness tracker on overnight. This can also inform and help you develop better sleeping habits and health.

Luckily, the Amazon Halo is water-resistant, so you’re able to have it on your arm all the time if you’d like. Whether you’re swimming laps and want to track that exercise or showering and don’t feel like taking it off, you can keep it on without worrying about it.

Can You Wear Amazon Halo On Ankle?

The Amazon Halo is designed only to be worn a finger’s width above the wrist on the arm. Some people wear it on the ankle, but the health tracking isn’t as accurate. For the best results, the Amazon Halo must be tightly worn on the non-dominant wrist without moving up on the arm.