Can You Wear Oura Ring On Your Pinky?

When it comes to fitness trackers, you have a massive variety of options that includes anything from watches, bracelets, and even rings. If you decide to go with a ring, the Oura ring is one of your best options. However, can you wear an Oura ring on your pinky finger rather than one of your other fingers like your ring finger?

An Oura ring can be worn on the pinky finger. However, it is not recommended. Wearing the ring on the index finger will give the most accurate results, followed by the middle and ring fingers. The ring will still track sleeping habits, activity levels, and stress levels while on a pinky.

If you decide to get an Oura ring, you might have many more questions about how you can wear the ring and when you are going to be able to wear it. Throughout the rest of this article, I will cover many of the details about the Oura ring and when you should wear it.

Can You Wear Oura Ring On Your Pinky

Does It Matter What Finger You Wear the Oura Ring On?

When it comes down to it, you really don’t need to worry about which finger you are wearing your Oura ring on, as it is able to track your fitness and other statistics on any of your fingers.

When asked this question on Twitter, Oura Rings tweeted, “The Oura Ring can be worn on any finger; we typically recommend wearing the Oura Ring on your index, middle, or ring finger to see optimal results — however, both the thumb and pinky should work just fine, as we’ve seen many users use those fingers effectively!”

When wearing the Oura ring, it will track your sleep, readiness for the day, and activity. Your scores tell you how your body feels and what your body needs throughout the day.

You’ll know when you need more sleep, when you might be getting sick, and when it’s okay to start pushing yourself so you can work towards meeting your fitness goals.

Can I Wear the Oura Ring on My Dominant Hand?

Oura recommends wearing your Oura Ring on your non-dominant hand, but wearing the Oura ring on your dominant hand will not affect its accuracy or functionality.

The company recommends the non-dominant hand because it is less likely to be damaged while on that hand. Your dominant hand is used more and is more likely to bump into things or get scratched by something that you are holding.

Oura rings are designed to be worn all day long and can take some abuse, but if you want them to last as long as possible, wearing your Oura ring on your non-dominant hand will be best.

That said, the hand you wear the ring on will not change the results you get from your ring. It is best to decide what hand you’d like to have the ring on before you order it, as fingers on different hands may be slightly different sizes.

Can I Wear My Oura Ring On my Toe?

Can You Wear Oura Ring On Your Pinky

Something that has become more and more popular recently is toe rings. And while I don’t understand why someone would want to wear a ring on their toe, this has the potential to be good for a fitness tracking ring, as it will track your steps more accurately.

However, in a tweet made by Oura, they said that you should not wear your Oura ring on any of your toes.

The anatomy of fingers and toes is very different and since the ring is designed to take its measurements based on the fingers, you just can’t get accurate measurements while wearing an Oura ring on one of your toes without redesigning the ring.

The arteries and veins are in different spots. Since Oura rings are made for your fingers, they can easily get stuck on your toe, which can cause a variety of risks, including tearing the skin off of your toe when you are attempting to remove it.

Why Does the Oura Ring Go On my Index Finger?

The index finger is the best finger to wear your Oura ring on when it comes to both comfort and tracking.

When you wear a ring, it needs to be sized so that it can pass over the knuckle and sit near the base of the finger. In order for Oura’s tracking to work correctly, it also needs to be snug against the skin.

For most people, the index finger does not narrow as much as other fingers behind the knuckle, which makes it so that it will be the snuggest against the skin while still allowing you to easily put it on and take it off.

The Oura ring is also more comfortable on the index finger for most people. Oura rings are slightly thicker than most other rings because of all the technology inside.

This can be uncomfortable when sandwiched between two fingers. The pinky is oftentimes quite thin, making it hard for an Oura ring to fit snugly, so the index finger is the logical choice.

Oura says that you shouldn’t have your Oura ring on an adjacent finger that has a ring and also that you should wear the ring on your non-dominant hand. If you are married and already wear a ring on your ring finger, the index finger is your best option.

When Can You Wear Your Oura Ring?

Can You Wear Oura Ring On Your Pinky

You can wear your Oura Ring 24/7, but there are some situations where it should be removed so you can avoid damaging it.

Oura says you can safely wear your ring while in hot tubs, saunas, ice baths, and cryotherapy tanks. Oura rings can withstand temperatures between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving your ring in extremely hot or cold temperatures for extended periods of time can damage it.

The Oura ring is also very durable and can be worn while you are doing daily tasks, but you’ll still want to take it off when working with tools or carrying heavy objects made of metal, ceramics, or stone, as it will likely get scratched. If you’re interacting with objects that are harder than the ring like ceramics, stones, and diamonds, it’s best to remove the ring.