Why Does My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number? (EXPLAINED!)

You may notice that your Apple watch shows up on phone bills as having a phone number that is different from your iPhone’s number, or you may see a different phone number in its settings. Since Apple watches are supposed to connect with a phone and its current number, this may be confusing to you. What does this different number mean and do?

Apple watches have separate phone numbers so that the watch will show up on phone bills as a different device than the phone it is connected to. This phone number is randomly assigned and cannot be called or texted, nor does it have any effect on the watch’s connection to an iPhone.

It is important to understand the function of this separate phone number as well as what it means for you and the connections between your watch and your phone. It is also good to know how to figure out this number and how to change it. We have that information below.

Why Does My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

Why is the Phone Number Different on My Apple Watch?

The purpose of an Apple Watch is to be connected to an iPhone so that you can receive calls and texts on your watch even if your phone isn’t nearby. This can be helpful if you leave your phone at home or if you just don’t want to get up from the couch to grab it from the kitchen table.

Because an Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone, you would think that the number associated with that watch would be the same number as that of the iPhone it is connected to. However, if you look at your phone bill or check the watch settings, you will see that this is not the case. Your watch will have its own phone number.

So, why does the Apple watch have its own phone number? This separate phone number is only for billing purposes. Having an Apple watch connected to cellular data costs extra money on your phone bill. When your phone bill comes in, you will have an extra expense from the Apple Watch.

The phone number assigned to the watch will appear on the bill so that it is clear that the charges are for an extra device rather than for the ordinary iPhone. This makes it easier for you and the phone company to understand which charges are for what. The watch is randomly assigned a number when it is activated so that it can be identified.

The clarity of the phone bill is the only reason why your Apple Watch has a separate phone number. This number cannot be used to call the Apple Watch instead of going through the iPhone. If you try calling or texting this phone number, the message will not go through.

To reach the watch by call or text, you have to send the message through the iPhone, which needs to be powered on and able to receive messages even if it is not nearby. If you call or text someone from the watch, the message will show up on their phone as if it is coming from your iPhone’s number instead of the watch’s number.

Some Apple Watch models can be set up to be standalone devices that receive calls and texts through their own numbers instead of being connected to an iPhone. However, you can either have the watch connected to a phone or have it receive messages through its own number. You cannot do both.

Your Apple Watch will have its own phone number that is different from that of your iPhone, but this phone number doesn’t mean or do all that much. It doesn’t change the way your watch functions, and it has no bearing on the connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Do I Need a Separate Line for the Phone Number of My Watch?

Why Does My Apple Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

Since your Apple Watch has a separate phone number, does that mean you need to set up and pay for another phone line for this phone number?

No. Your Apple watch is not a separate phone, but rather a device that connects with your phone. If you activate data on your watch, you will have an additional charge for the watch on your phone bill, but you will not need to set up a separate line for the watch. Your Apple Watch is essentially sharing the number on your phone line rather than using its own line, so there is no reason to have a separate phone line for it.

Can I Change the Phone Number on My Apple Watch?

Having a different phone number on your Apple Watch may bother you, so is it possible for you to change the phone number of your watch?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the phone number of your Apple watch. Since this number doesn’t have any function and is randomly assigned at the watch’s activation, you aren’t given the option to change this number.

On the bright side, since the number is only used to identify the watch on bills, there isn’t any reason that you need to change the number of the watch. Changing the number isn’t going to have any effect on the function or connection of the watch.

How Do I Find Out the Number of My Apple Watch?

How Do I Find Out the Number of My Apple Watch?

If you’re curious about the individual number assigned to your Apple Watch, there are a couple of ways that you can figure out what the number is. The first is to check your phone bill. The charges from your Apple watch will be listed with the watch’s individual number.

Additionally, you can follow these steps to find your Apple Watch’s number using your phone:

  1. Open the Watch app on your phone
  2. In the My Watch section, select Cellular
  3. Click on the info button next to the name of your cell service provider
  4. Select to manage your account
  5. Though this will look different based on your cell service provider, you should find the watch number in the account details.

Ultimately, your Apple watch’s individual phone number does not matter to you, and it isn’t something that you even need to know.