Can You Engrave An Oura Ring? SHOULD You?!

You might want your Oura Ring to stand out and not look the same as others. Can you engrave an Oura Ring? 

Can You Engrave An Oura Ring 3 1 Can You Engrave An Oura Ring? SHOULD You?!

Can You Engrave An Oura Ring?

An Oura Ring has electronics inside of it, which makes it hard to engrave. You could easily damage something unless the engraving is very superficial. Engraving the ring would also make it stop being waterproof. 

An Oura Ring is too easy to scratch and ruin. Don’t try engraving it. Decorate your ring in some other way instead if you want it to stand out. 

I know about engraving and what kinds of materials are suitable for it. You would probably get bad results if you engraved a titanium ring with a carbon coating. 

Do Oura Rings Get Scratched?

Yes, the Oura Ring can get scratched and can scratch other rings. You should not wear the ring right next to another ring. The two will rub against each other and one of them will get scratched. 

Wear the Oura Ring on your left hand, or on your right hand if left-handed. The ring is more likely to get scratched if you wear it on the hand you use the most often. 

Remember that the Oura Ring is made of titanium, so it can scratch much softer gold and silver rings. If you wear another ring on your ring finger, don’t wear the Oura Ring on your middle finger. 

Can You Remove Oura Ring Scratches?

Can You Engrave An Oura Ring Can You Engrave An Oura Ring? SHOULD You?!

As long as the scratches are not too serious, you can remove them yourself. Use a cream metal polish to remove the scratches. 

First, apply the polish and give it a couple of minutes to dry. Then, polish it to remove the scratches and clean it with soap and water. You could also have the ring professionally polished, but polishing jewelry is easy to do yourself. 

Don’t polish the sensor. Be careful with the electronics when polishing the ring.

Avoid Certain Activities While Wearing the Ring

Oura Rings work best if you let them collect information about you all day. However, you could scratch or even damage an Oura Ring if you wear it in the wrong situation. 

You should not work with tools while wearing an Oura Ring. Don’t use the ring to measure how many calories you burn while working. Put the ring away. 

Use An Oura Ring Wrap

Some people protect their rings including Oura Rings using a ring wrap. OSleeve offers a ring wrap made just for Oura Rings. The Oura Ring can still collect data while the sleeve is on it.

You don’t have to wear the sleeve all the time. When you are doing something with your hands that might scratch the ring, put the sleeve on. 

Oura Rings Look Ok With Lots of Small Scratches

Sometimes, you might not mind the look of a scratched Oura Ring in the long run. The many small scratches will become a patina that can improve the appearance of the ring. If you know you don’t want this look, polish the ring sometimes and try to avoid scratches. 

How to Make Your Ring Stand Out

Just because engraving an Oura Ring is a bad idea doesn’t mean you can’t make your Oura Ring look different from everyone else’s.

First off, the Oura Rings come in different colors, and some of these colors are more expensive than others. 

The gold and stealth Oura Rings look better than the silver and black ones because the manufacturing process is different. You can also get a Gucci Oura Ring that looks great but is significantly more expensive than gold or stealth Oura Rings. You could also wrap your Oura Ring in vinyl to decorate it. 

Should I Wear My Oura Ring All Day?

There is nothing wrong with wearing your Oura Ring all day, and it will track the most information this way. To make the most of the Oura Ring, try tracking many things and not only one. 

You can use an Oura Ring as a fitness tracker, to improve your sleep, and to monitor your stress levels, instead of only one of these things. The more information you give your Oura Ring, the better it works. 

Can I Take a Bath With Oura Ring?

Can You Engrave An Oura Ring 2 Can You Engrave An Oura Ring? SHOULD You?!

Yes, Oura Rings are reasonably waterproof. You can wash dishes, have a shower, have a bath, or go swimming with the Oura Ring on. 

Daily exposure to water might not be a good idea – this leads to unnecessary wear and tear on your ring. However, you don’t have to be careful with water. You can expose your Oura Ring to water for a few hours (but not more than 12 hours) without damaging the ring. 

Sometimes, heat can be bad for your Oura Ring. 

While the company says that you can wear the Oura Ring in anything from saunas to ice baths, they also advise against temperatures below 14F (-10C) or above 129F (54C). A sauna can easily be hotter than 129F, but brief exposure is probably fine. 

Many Athletes Use Oura Rings When Swimming

Oura Rings are waterproof enough that many people regularly wear them while swimming. They record your heart rate and other biometrics when you are doing water athletics. The USA surf team uses and promotes Oura Rings.

However, it depends on how long you want your Oura Ring to last.

If you want it to last as possible, you might keep it out of the water most of the time. Water may slowly make the Oura Ring less waterproof until it eventually leaks and breaks. 

What Finger Should You Wear Oura Ring On?

You should wear your Oura Ring on your index finger, not your ring finger. The readings are the most accurate if you wear the ring on your index. 

While the ring works passably well on any other finger or even your thumb, the index finger is the best choice. 

Key Takeaways

  • Engraving an Oura Ring isn’t a good idea and will probably fail. The material isn’t right for it, and the electronics make the ring too delicate. 
  • To avoid scratches, wear the ring on your non-dominant hand. Either take the ring off or wear a ring wrap when working with tools. Oura rings can also scratch other rings, so don’t wear another ring right beside it. 
  • Sometimes, Oura Rings look fine with a lot of small scratches. Not everyone tries to avoid scratching their rings. 
  • Oura Rings are not delicate when it comes to water, so you can take a bath with the Oura Ring on. 
  • Wear the Oura Ring on your index finger rather than your ring finger for the best accuracy.