Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

The Oura Ring tracks your activity, health, and sleep with its powerful sensors. Does Oura Ring track blood pressure? 

Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure 1 1 Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure? 

You cannot use the Oura Ring to measure blood pressure. While the Oura Ring is an excellent health and fitness gadget, it doesn’t include a blood pressure monitor. You will have to buy a blood pressure monitor separately or go to the doctor to get it tested. 

After buying the Oura Ring, I was at first disappointed that I could not use it to keep track of my blood pressure. However, I still like the Oura Ring and have used it to improve my sleep quality and fitness level over the last year. I bought a separate blood pressure monitor to see if I can get my blood pressure down. 

Do Smart Rings Measure Blood Pressure?

One smart ring that works as a blood pressure monitor is the Prevention Circul+. It is not yet common for smart rings to work as blood pressure monitors. 

The upcoming Monavo Ring will work as a blood pressure monitor. 

Which Fitness Trackers Measure Blood Pressure?

Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

The HalfSun Fitness Tracker and the MorePro Fitness Tracker are decent choices if you want a fitness tracker or smartwatch that measures blood pressure.

The HalfSun Fitness tracker can record your blood pressure and heart rate continuously for the whole day. You can learn to avoid things that raise your blood pressure this way. 

The MorePro Fitness tracker works just as well and is waterproof enough that you can wear it while swimming. Garmin Watches do not track blood pressure. 

What Does the Oura Ring Track? 

The Oura Ring measures many things that relate to your overall health even though it doesn’t measure blood pressure.  

Your Resting Heart Rate

Having a slow heart is better than having a fast heart because it means your heart muscle is strong and can pump blood with fewer beats per minute. Healthy people often have heart rates over 60 but under 100 beats per minute. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a heart rate under 60 beats per minute – someone who is serious about sports or fitness will usually go well under 60. 

Does Heart Rate Relate to Blood Pressure? 

Sometimes, you cannot measure someone’s blood pressure by looking at their heart rate. If your heart is beating dangerously fast, this may cause your blood pressure to drop because it won’t pump blood effectively. 

If your heart is pumping fast for a good reason, such as exercise, your blood pressure will be high. 

Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure 2 Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

Your Maximum Heart Rate 

When you are exercising hard, having a fast heart rate is better. The more fit you are, the harder you can exercise and the faster you can get your heart going. 

Your Heart Rate Variability

Low heart rate variability means that your heart is beating at a constant speed. High heart rate variability means that the time between your heartbeats is not always the same. 

When your Oura Ring detects low heart rate variability, that means stress, illness, or exhaustion. When it detects high heart rate variability, that means you are relaxed. High HRV when you are sleeping means higher quality sleep.

Your Body Temperature

A person’s body temperature often shifts away from the norm whenever a person is going to get sick. You won’t notice a fever right away, but the Oura Ring will.

Your Sleep Quality

The Oura Ring also shows you detailed information about your sleep quality (how much light/deep/REM sleep you got each night, what stage of sleep you were in at each time) and not only how long you slept for. 

You can use this feedback to improve your sleep quality, which will make you feel more energetic, calmer, less irritable, and more resistant to stress. Improving your sleep quality may also improve your physical health. 

Your Activity Level

The Oura Ring will also measure how many steps you take and how many calories you burn. It uses an accelerometer to track your movement for things like walking and running. 

For things like cycling, weight lifting, or yoga, the Oura Ring won’t give you as much credit for your activity, because it only measures the movement of your hands. However, you can manually add these workouts using the Oura app. You will get an overall activity score plus more specific information. 

Is the Oura Ring Good for People With High Blood Pressure? 

Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure 3 Does The Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

Certainly, someone who wants to lower their blood pressure could benefit from having an Oura Ring. An Oura Ring can help you exercise better and sleep better, which can make you healthier and less stressed out. 

Improving your overall health and lowering your blood pressure can help you live longer. 

However, you should have another device besides the Oura Ring to measure your blood pressure directly. Trying to infer your blood pressure from your resting heart rate isn’t accurate enough. 

If you are worried about your blood pressure, you should go to the doctor and get your blood pressure measured. If you want to measure your blood pressure at home, there are ways to do this.

What Other Devices Measure Blood Pressure? 

A blood pressure monitor is the best way to measure blood pressure. You can get a blood pressure monitor for home use instead of going to the doctor. 

A blood pressure monitor goes on your cuff. Other fitness trackers that go on your finger or wrist can measure blood pressure but are usually not as accurate as a real blood pressure monitor. 

If you like the Oura Ring, you probably don’t want another fitness tracker, so get a blood pressure monitor instead. 

Testing a Fitness Tracker as a Blood Pressure Monitor

Some fitness trackers might work fairly well as blood pressure monitors. If you have another blood pressure monitor and want to test it, try using your tracker while getting your blood pressure tested by the doctor.

If it reports something similar to what the doctor measures, it is probably accurate.

Does Oura Ring Measure EKG?

An EKG is an electrocardiogram, which measures electricity in your heart to detect possible problems. The Oura Ring Does not use this technology to measure your heart rate. The ring uses pulses of light on your finger to determine your heart rate. 

Can Oura Ring Detect Blood Oxygen?

Yes, the Oura Ring is good at measuring how much oxygen is in your blood when you sleep. It does this by sending pulses of light into your finger and measuring the color of light that reflects back to the sensor.

The point of this is to tell whether you are breathing properly at night.

If your breathing often gives out at night (because of a condition like sleep apnea) the ring will detect low oxygen. 

The Oura Ring is Worth it For Most People

Even though the Oura Ring doesn’t measure blood pressure, it is still a great product for anyone who wants to improve or maintain their health. 

The Oura Ring tracks really a lot of information about you and has a battery that lasts for up to a week on a single charge. 

You will see daily/weekly/monthly graphs showing you how active you were at each time. You can use these graphs to gradually improve your fitness. 

The Oura Ring is also waterproof up to 330 feet below the surface, so you can shower or even go swimming with the ring without wrecking it. As long as you expose it to water for less than 12 hours, it should be fine. While the Oura Ring does charge a monthly fee after the first six months, some other fitness trackers charge much higher fees for similar features. 

Key Takeaways

  • While the Oura Ring is a great product, it does not measure your blood pressure. You will have to go to the doctor or get a separate blood pressure monitor. 
  • Some other fitness trackers include blood pressure monitors. However, measuring blood pressure from the finger or the wrist may not be as accurate. 
  • The Prevention Circul+ is a smart ring that tracks blood pressure.